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Please feel free to download our FREE rental property tax return spreadsheet here.

You may use this spreadsheet for your own use or to send to your accountant. Of course we’d love it if you sent it to us once filled in so we can complete your tax return for you at our very competitive prices!

Other Methods for submitting you tax return

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Online Tax Return

The most efficient method we offer. Just fill out our online form and we'll tax care of the rest. You can do this for your rental and investment properties whether they are owned by an individual person, company or a trust.

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Excel Spreadsheet

Download our spreadsheet and fill in the details. Just fill in the details and send it through to us by email or filling in the form here. You're welcome to use this, even if we don't do your accounting!

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Snail Mail

If neither of the above options appeal to you, the click here to learn about what you need to send us through the post.

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